Gentle Lavender & Oat Shampoo & Body Wash Bar


Sulphate-free shampoo for hair and body. Perfect for the eco-conscious customer.

Gently cleanse and nourish with lavender, oats and precious argan oil. Formulated for a gentle lather that’s kind to sensitive skin and suitable for all hair types.

Each bar comes hand moulded and wrapped in compostable plant-based naked wrap.

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Calming Lavender, oats and precious argan oil combine to condition and cleanse. Certified for hair and body to give your customers all-over nourishment.

Whether it’s waves & curls, or fine & flyaway, our shampoo gives all hair types a new lease of life.

We’ve crammed each shampoo bar with premium natural ingredients. The unique formulation contains no sulphates, so it’s kind to sensitive skin.

Each shampoo bar is moulded and wrapped by hand in the UK, to an all-vegan, palm free recipe.

Special Features
  • Scent: Calming Lavender
  • Oat and Coconut Extract: for soft, luxurious moisturising
  • Sulphate-free: treats sensitive skin with the care it deserves
  • Lavender Essential Oil: so relaxing, it literally calms your nervous system. Beneficial to hair and skin’s strength and vitality.
  • Glycerine: a powerful skin & hair hydrating humectant
  • Precious Argan: boosts skin health, and reduces split ends and hair damage
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5.5 cm