Luxury Rose Bath Bomb


A bestseller year round: think gifting, self-care and pampering.

Fizzy, moisturising and deeply relaxing, our luxury rose bath bomb brings joy to bath time!

Each bath bomb is minimally packaged in our naked plant-based wrap.


Pour into a warm bath, and unwind. These deeply floral bombs of relaxation are a hit with children and big kids alike.

Wrapped in fully compostable plant based wax paper, ready for your branding!

Each luxury rose bath bomb is made to order in the UK, crafted by hand, and full of good stuff. What’s not to love?

Special Features

  • Scent: sumptuously floral rose
  • Cocoa Butter: for all-over moisturising
  • Dead Sea Salt & Rose Petals: for a luxurious soak
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil: anti-inflammatory, with relaxing and anti-anxiety effects

RRP £6.99